Old Town Market

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Dickie's Famous Rub Dickies Famous Barbeque Sauce

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Custom Freezer Orders

We have Hind Quarters and Sides of Beef custom cut to order. Please come visit for pricing and details.

Custom Cut Freezer Beef Available

Freezer Packs Available (visit our store for pricing):

15lb Bargain Bag:

3-1lb pkgs Pork Chops
3-1lb pkgs Split Chicken Breast
5-1lb pkgs Hamburger
4-8oz Chopped Sirloins
4-8oz Steaks (Rib eyes, strips, top sirloin, filets

20lb Variety Pack:

3-1lb pkgs Pork Chops
5-1lb pkgs Chicken Leg Quarters
5-1lb pkgs Hamburger
2-1lb pkgs Beef Cutlets
2-1lb pkgs Smoked Sausage
4-8oz Steaks (Rib eyes, strips, top sirloin, filets)
1-1lb pkg Bacon

30lb Family Pack:

6-8oz Chopped Sirloin
5-1lb pkgs Bacon
6lbs Fryers (cut up)
6lbs Pork Country Style Ribs
5lbs Round Steak Tenderized
5lb Roll Hamburger Patties