Old Town Market

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Smoked German Sausage and Jalapeno & Cheese German Sausage
East Texas Style Hot Links
Beef Salami
Jalapeno Cheese Salami
Italian Sausage - Hot or Mild (Sweet)

Polish Sausage

Boudin - Regular and Crayfish (Crawfish)
Bratwurst - Regular and Jalapeno Cheese
Pork Breakfast Sausage - Hot and Mild

Salami Cooking

Our salami was featured in Texas Taste Section of Dallas Morning News in October of 2004 - "The Lowdown: Varieties include pork sausage, hot links, fresh bratwurst, hot and mild Italian links, all-beef salami and jalapeno-cheese salami. "I also make a breakfast sausage, a pan sausage." And Old Town sells casings."