Old Town Market

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The pig turned out great……….smoked for 10 hours like you instructed over mesquite……….very delicious and all enjoyed. Thank you.

Best regards,


I was in your meat market for the first time this morning. Really is a friendly "Old Town" market. You just don't see the friendly atmosphere and top quality meats that much now days. I don't know the name of the lady that helped me.....showed me the sausages I was looking for, and pointed out a special.........and even seasoned it for me, and gave me a card. She's the one that walks to work. ;-) Now I wish I would have stayed for lunch!! Shawn also shook my hand and welcomed me. I had overheard his conversation with another gentleman about where the beef comes from and what it's fed........I'm totally impressed with the concern for quality. Please add me to your email list.

Thanks! Marian


I just wanted to personally thank you for making our lunch a huge success!

It was a pleasure working with you and we will definitely be using you in the future. I know many of the retail locations could use you at their grand openings and for our outdoor marketing events. You will be highly recommended indeed!

Have a GREAT day and I will be sure to swing by before the end of the month J


I second Martha's comments. Really appreciate the work you and the team did Shawn,

Thanks again


Hello Sharon & Shawn,

Haven't met either of you yet but will one day soon. Was in your market for the first time last week and was helped by a very nice gentleman (unfortunately, I don't remeber his name but he is tall and thin). In addition to giving me great service, he mentioned you have an email list for your newsletter. I would appreciate it if you would add my name to your list. Thank you.

Ginny W.

P.S. Am still enjoying your summer sausage....mmmmm good


Darlene M.

I went to this market when once back in 2001 and the people working there were so rude I never went back. I was looking for something specific and decided to try the market again and found that everyone there was so nice. Now I know why. I am glad you bought the meat market. I have been a regular customer ever since.

Thanks, Cory N.


Thanks for taking the time this afternoon to show me around. Please add me to your mailing list.

Thank you, Larry C.

We ordered a ham from you for Christmas and it was wonderful! Please add me to your email for any specials you may be running from time to time.

Thanks! Lola M.

The steaks I bought at your meat market were great! Please keep me in the loop for upcoming specials.

Dana H.

Was nice to meet you this afternoon! The T-bones and seasoning were delicious! Please place us on your email list and keep us in the loop on the holiday related items.

Take care, Scott B.

Hi Shawn and Sharon. I am sending you my email so when you have specials running I will get an email from you. I am enjoying the meats I bought in your market. Thank you for your kindness.

Donna H.

Please put me on your email list for monthly specials. Your meat is great and I shop frequently. You guys are great!

Mary S.

So glad I have discovered you! Never have to worry about meat I purchase at the Old Town Market. Please keep me informed about your specials.

Susan M.